The Brand



The Techno Fashion Group Brand was born in the 90’s as an international consulting company for the fashion system. Luciano Di Nardo Fashion Academy is the department delegated to high education that operates successfully within the group. The role of the Academy is to develop new and avant-grade synergies compatible with the real needs of the market and the evolution of fashion. Fondamental is the contact and enhancement of young talents, with which we translate fresh energy to redefine new models of communication and development.    

History Notes    

My history in Fashion begins in the wonderfoul seventies, fantastic years of experimentation and creativity, where so many systems were available for the big projects. In fact, it will be the design that will open the doors to me, giving me the chance of working with luxury Brand. Some names: Mirta Del Pineto, Missoni, Guy Laroche, Lanvin, Dolce&Gabbana, Cavalli and others, plus my suffered collections. Durin that period I had the chance to meet the “young and insicure” architect Gianfranco Ferrè. This particular cooperation was based on research and experimentation, the historycal period was full of imputs, opportunities and palpable dreams. For five years our experiences progressed in parallel, united by love for beauty and the evolution of pure forms. Inspired and convinced by the vision of perfectionism and by the passion for the extreme challenges, the contamination was going on even in training supporting and reinforcing the Mental Approach concept. I have discovered and share with young people the desire of get involved both in results and in communication. The path has been difficult but I am envolved in an authentic cultural revolution, always inspired by high quality and innovative concepts.    

The master Luciano Di Nardo represents the culture of Fashion in the highest form. The reputation has now exceded the national borders. He has been selected from AMI (fashion education) as innovator and better between the eight trainers at international level. Today he is required by the most prestigious fashion and Art universities of the world where he keeps busy seminars and relationships.

In Italy he holds the chair for Fashion Engineer Designer at the ALDiN.

Luciano Di Nardo Academy

It is the TECHNOFASHIONGROUP training department for the high preparation of the young in the fashion system    

We are high level designers, technicians, fashion designers and trainers

Expert product analysis consultants and quality certifiers, analysts and experts in advanced system for new training, we are “hungry” of innovation and lovers of excellence.

Luciano Di Nardo fashion Academy is a reality in constant development.

We give priority and value to people’s visibility, we follow them in their careers and solve problems with them. We offer a leader position in the team and a free consulting service that progresses in parallel with professional growth. Luciano Di Nardo fashion Academy’s differences are fundamental, seriousness and transparency are our flags. Thanks to our experience of over 35 years, we identify ourselves internationally for quality, reliability, coherence and professionalism, our intervention team goes beyond promises, sharing with people and companies a precise pledge for the future.    

We have activated the small numbers strategy, focusing on quality and not on quantity, on personalized services and continuous assistance. The specialization is structured on the “Tfgsystem” method, awarded in 2001 by the University of Economics of Modena and Reggio Emilia, for its originality, effectiveness and innovation. The enthusiasm and the passion of when we started working in the Fashion System, has now transformed into power and efficiency at the service of those who want to emerge. The figure emerging from our masters is the Fashion Engeneer Designer, a figure recognized by the European Community and the Lombardy Region and included in the update programs by the best performing companies. The method is designed to develop the attitude of autonomy with a strong attitude for Problem Solving, becoming a useful businnes reference and an ideal support for productivity. Adopted by the Great Chinese and Portuguese Universities for the post-graduate specialization, it is recognised as a development tool for Fashion System companies.

The “Fashion Engineer Designer” are already operating in the biggest Fashion Brands, covering roles of absolute excellence.    

The "legend"

“I am proud of being recognized abroad as a reference of Made in Italy”

It all started at the Open Day at Pietro Paleocapa, I.T.I.S. technical institute for textile experts.  I was present with colleagues and a group of wonderful students, I met the Professor Carissoni Ezio , professor of textiles and clothing, it has benn a meeting that I will always remember. The Prof. is a professional consultant who has also worked for Albini tessuti. He told me that, on a mission to the spinning companies of Albini in Egypt, he heard of a “Legend”.    

It was rumored that a famous italian designer, around the year 1994, even designed the “Great Uniforms” of the Egyptian Presidential Guard. Suddenly a chilling silence, a vibration, a cross between amazement and wonder. After a moment of alignment, the tension loosened. From the back of the Great Hall, the professor came towards me, and he told me: congratulations and thank you for giving me the privilege to know that great designer who made that project and, he added: So it means that… today I met the “Living legend”!

Thank you Prof. Ezio